Your life is a car
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Your life is a car. You just got it and it’s amazing. Your family and friends, even people that don’t like you that much look at you in a different way now. You somehow passed the license exam from the first try and are ready to take the streets. You’re anxious to go for a ride and impress that kid in school that always made fun of you. Except that, thrilled as you are, kind of manage to forget how the breaks and other stuff function, maybe neglect a sign or some red light and end up on the side of the road, missing by inches a tree or a pole of some sort. You’re definitely scared, but you made it. That’s a lesson you’ll remember. Good thing you didn’t get that supercharged sports car you always dreamed of. That would’ve been a beast. Ok, maybe someday you will.

Few days later you’re a bit sad, when the mechanics from the auto service call you and there you are, again, hitting the road. For a while, you’re just happy to be there, birds are chirping, the sun is shining, you go deeper into the blue and the green. And then some tire screeches, some button blocks. You start noticing the other cars and somehow it seems that everybody else got nicer, more beautiful vehicles than yours. Is it some sort of a parade you forgot about? Besides, what were you thinking, just leaving like this alone, you knew it can’t be that much fun. An instant break and there you are, again, on the side of the road. What is it now?

Maybe it’s not the right car for you. Maybe you missed an exit and got lost. Maybe the mechanics fooled you. Thing is, from where you are, you must get back inside and drive away. People already started looking at you in a rather concerned manner. Yeah, maybe it’s the car. You’ll change it.

Sure, this is just one story. With endless possibilities. The car, the road, the journey: ALL YOUR CHOICE.

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Written by Anamaria

Crescută pe dealuri și prin copaci, am trecut prin liceu teatral, am studiat științe politice, am job într-o corporație și VISEZ. Ziua, noaptea, la prânz, dimineața. Nu sunt o persoană matinală. Mai multe informații găsești aici

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