The false “easy choice” in life
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You desperately need money, do you steal it or do you figure out a way to make it, legally? You are sick of office work, but you have no savings, do you continue to go to work or do you just quit? You have way too many problems and see no end to them, do you jump off a cliff or do you struggle to find the way out? To some the first option in all these examples is the “easy way out”. And so many times I’ve judgementally heard people assess other people choices as easy.

Stealing might be easy, to a thief. But to ordinary people, once you face a choice, it’s nothing but easy. Usually most people tend to avoid that situation. If things go well the way they are, why change anything, why having to deal with something new? We all heard about the comfort zone. Making a choice (and not the ‘should I take this or take pair of shoes’ kind) is stepping outside the comfort zone. For what is worth, if you do decide to go rob a bank instead of taking the time to come up with another solution means you have somewhat prepared yourself to deal with the consequences sooner rather than later. So, in fact, it may well be the hard choice. You may just go to jail (then we talk about exiting the comfort zone).

The difference between choices is rather faster versus slower. And it always has strings attached. A woman selling her body could have just gone to school and find a nice job instead. Saying that would only imply that selling your body is easier than going to office every day. If so, why aren’t we all doing it? Because we like to complicate our lives? No, because at some point we made a choice. That will be valid until faced with another choice. And then another.

There are people who leave it all behind and completely change their life from one day to another. They are rare. We do not all have it inside ourselves to shift so drastically, for some crossing the street it’s hard. Some resist to pressure more than others and have the ability to use it to their advantage. Some make it better than others, but that only underlines that we are different. The choices are the same. Were we to have a list with easy way out and hard way out, we would all choose the first column. It’s just that the list does not exist.

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Written by Anamaria

Crescută pe dealuri și prin copaci, am trecut prin liceu teatral, am studiat științe politice, am job într-o corporație și VISEZ. Ziua, noaptea, la prânz, dimineața. Nu sunt o persoană matinală. Mai multe informații găsești aici

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