Best thing I learned so far
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I have not yet reached that all-knowing wisdom age, not sitting on my beach house porch teaching youngsters all life’s secrets. However, there is one essential thing that kept on showing to my face in various moments, as a constant and nagging reminder that I could do better than that and that I should do better than that.

Best thing to do in life is to be positive.

True, that’s what my mother used to tell me when I was quite little to grasp the meaning of it, yet I did keep it close to my mind. It sounded right and it sounded helpful on the long run. It is not the solution to problems that may arise, it is simply a path to finding that solution. Truly believing that it is going to be ok changes the perception on even the darkest situations. It is easier to find the way to the light when you see it, no matter how far it may seem to be. It makes it easier to forgive and forget mistakes that otherwise may seem unbearable and unthinkable. It makes it wonderful just living, with yourself and the others.

I often heard people being amazed at other people’s capacity of almost always smiling. People in faraway places who seemed to have found the secret to happiness, completely unrelated to what we understand by prosperous lives. And then it all came down to just enjoying each moment, to being grateful, to seeing the good rather than the bad, to having faith in people and contexts, to accepting what is offered, to never taking for granted. I have seen truly happy people and they all had a look in their eyes that was bright and clear and trustworthy. I have seen truly happy people that made me feel happy and inspired.

It is easy to get lost and chase other people’s dreams instead of your very own. And it is easy to forget what it is truly meaningful to you. I hope to be as wise as it takes to build my house on the sunny side of the street.

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Written by Anamaria

Crescută pe dealuri și prin copaci, am trecut prin liceu teatral, am studiat științe politice, am job într-o corporație și VISEZ. Ziua, noaptea, la prânz, dimineața. Nu sunt o persoană matinală. Mai multe informații găsești aici

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