Beautiful people
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I love beautiful people. I love being around them, sitting at the same table with them, going to the same places they go. Aesthetics matter, but in such a way that at some point become close to insignificant.

I don’t say beautiful and mean good looking. I see splendid bodies that say nothing to me. Cold as statues, perfect for decorative purposes. The beauty that fascinates me close to obsession comes from electricity combined with vivid intellect. Or deriving from it. It’s the kind of beauty that stands out in a crowd, enveloping the person in a charm and a shine that instantly catch the eye.

I say beautiful and I mean ideas. Rare are the persons who have the ability to silence the surrounding noise and make me absorb their every word. And how enchanted I am to meet them!

I say beautiful and I mean sensitivity. People being able to feel deep emotions and who are not afraid to express them. Who know how to trigger intense feelings in others with inflections of voice and gentle touch. Who sometimes stop and admire a piece of art or dance in the rain with the easiness of a five years old.

I say beautiful and I mean refinement. People who know how to adapt fashion to their own style. I always admire them wearing delicately designed dressed and impeccably tailored suits. Elegance in its deeper meaning is reserved to poor and rich alike.

I say beautiful and I mean confidence. Fighting for beliefs, for projects, for crazy plans that seem doomed to failure. I sometimes wish I had more confidence myself to never give up fighting for what I believe in or what I dream of doing with my life.

I say beautiful and I mean altruism. As competitive as the society wants us to be, we may as well turn into selfish, cold-hearted predators. Yet, I see examples of kindness, of caring for the other that make me feel guilty and in the meantime wanting to do better, and more.

I say beautiful and I mean balance. People who understood that running in ten different directions leads to nothing but exhaustion and have instead taken the time to decide what was of real importance. It doesn’t take a full training in yoga to get there, only the willingness and courage to let go of all futile use of time and energy.

I am truly and undeniably convinced that we all have the potential of such beauty inside, which we may or may not explore. And yes, I am the eternal idealist that will never give up looking for the beautiful people, for that beauty that isn’t scared to show itself, like a beast or like a fragile dandelion.

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Written by Anamaria

Crescută pe dealuri și prin copaci, am trecut prin liceu teatral, am studiat științe politice, am job într-o corporație și VISEZ. Ziua, noaptea, la prânz, dimineața. Nu sunt o persoană matinală. Mai multe informații găsești aici

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